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The Silicone Straw Company Product Photography


I absolutely adore these bright and colourful straws from The Silicone Straw Company! Founder Charlotte Walsh was happy to let me have creative free rein, enabling me to design and shoot these fun concepts.

The aim was to emphasise the products’ USPs (unique selling points): available in various colours, safe to chew, bendable, easy to cut to size, washable, reusable, eco-friendly, useful for adults and kids alike, and made in the UK. Available in packs of six for at-home use, or in travel pots for when you’re on the go, each set comes with a cleaning brush. 

Grouping the shoot into various categories helped to cover all bases. Showing the pots and straws in various scenarios highlighted the product’s usefulness and versatility, whereas packshots (of the products in their packaging) are useful for general promotion. Lastly, I took a fun approach to illustrating each of the 5 main selling points by bending or cutting the straws into various shapes and scenes relating to each point (more on that later!). 

And here are the conceptualised USPs: colourful, chewable and flexible, reusable and therefore kind to nature, washable and dishwasher safe, and made in the UK.