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Your logo is the centre of your brand universe.

(And your brand assets are gently drifting asteroids, circling within the gravitational pull of your mighty little logo. Is this analogy still working?)

That logo is the core of your identity, summing up your brand in one visual symbol. It has a lot of work to do in one little package!

These days there are loads of user-friendly services that make it easy for branding beginners to take a symbol and slap on some text to make a ‘logo’. But a well-designed logo that is professionally tailored to your brand, your ideals, and your goal gives your brand credibility.

First impressions count

It will not only make a great first impression with your audience but also give you confidence in your personal vision.

Start as you mean to go on

Starting from the solid foundation of a professionally-designed logo makes it even easier to build your brand (in fact, other aspects of your branding often begin to develop in a designer’s mind at the same time as creating your logo!).

Connect with your audience

If your logo represents your business effectively, you will attract the clients you want to reach, securing more stakeholders, customers and/or service users.

Your brand is more than just your logo. It’s how your business interacts with your audience, how your audience perceives you and your business, but more importantly, it’s what distinguishes you from everyone else.

Those things manifest themselves in your brand purpose, your mission, your values and your proposition. My job is to then translate those concepts into authentic and compelling visuals that create a positive connection with your audience.

So how can I help get your brand where you want it to be?

By working with you to identify your brand story, value proposition and tone of voice

By refreshing your existing brand to better reflect your business after change or growth

By using your brand story, offer and tone of voice to create or develop your brand

By adding a creative wow-factor to your brand via a marketing campaign or social media strategy

What's the process?


First, let’s talk! We’ll have an informal consultation discussing your business history, your vibe, your goals and your audience. Hit me with it all and I’ll unearth the key gems of info to start building your brand.


Following our chat, I will provide a fixed price custom branding package for you to consider. Once you’re onboard, I research, gather inspiration, and piece together a moodboard that covers iconography, typography, colour palettes, and inspirational imagery. I pull it all together in a strategy document and plan of action for your feedback.


If you’re happy with the direction, it’s time for me to get creating! I’ll present up to 3 logo concepts and develop one to completion based on your feedback.

Delivery + Support

Alongside all of the final files (presented in all the formats you’ll ever need via digital download) I’ll provide you with a style guide that covers all aspects of your brand and how to use it. But it’s not goodbye yet – I’m always there to help with your new identity launch, create additional content, or answer any questions that might occur.