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Punky Pins Product Copywriting

This UK-based enamel badge manufacturer was a perfect match for my love of pins and puns! Luckily for me they fell in love with my rambling and rambunctious writing style and I was invited to provide copy for some of their product collections and social media posts.

Sycoe Supplements Brand Identity

Hard-hitting grunge was a natural direction to take the rebrand of this nutritional supplement product line aimed at body-builders and hardcore gym-goers. Taking their existing urban feel and running with it, I constructed the logomark, hunted down some edgy stock photography and forged it all together in a rough and gritty packaging design with a bit of an up-close biology vibe.

Maidstone Council’s Fantastical Summer

Steampunk, Discworld and Dragons! I was thrilled to be able to break out my Photoshop skills to bring these fantastical events to life, and the highlight was creating an ancient book of sponsorship lore for Maidstone Museum’s exhibition on Paul Kidby, renowned for illustrating Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books. The concept and execution was my own idea and it turned out even better than I could have hoped!

Maidstone Council Park + Ride Campaign

Maidstone Borough Council gave their Park & Ride service an overhaul, and I was tasked with creating a campaign to relay the new service information to local residents and businesses, across billboards, bus rears, bus stations, leaflets and social media. I took a three-stage approach that moved from preparation to information and finally aspiration to give the campaign an easy-to-digest and accessible feel.

Think Natalia Brand Identity + Visual Marketing

Dubai-based Dr Natalia Wiechowski is a LinkedIn Learning expert, personal branding coach and edutainer. I began working with Natalia to develop her existing identity and update her brand assets, socials and marketing materials, giving them a more streamlined and playful look that was consistent across all materials.