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Brand alchemy for soul-centered businesswomen

Ready to make some brand magic?

Helping all you bold and beautiful female founders discover your authentic brand personality and express it clearly through your visual identity, marketing and content.


How we can work together

If you’re a business leader doing some soul searching or looking for a branding boost, take a look at what magic we can make.

Together, we’ll make sure that your visual identity instantly positions you as the savvy and stylish expert that we know you are.

Underpinned by solid strategy and research, your identity will make a strong impression to stand out in a sea of bland brands and attract the attention of current and future clients.

Your lovely little logo isn’t fulfilling its potential all on its own – you’ll need a variety of digital and print marketing materials to help your business soar. 

From brochures, adverts and packaging to websites, course content and social media assets, I can unfold your brand across a range of customer touchpoints, keeping you front of mind for your audience.

Speaking of customer touchpoints, words and pictures go together like … well, like product photos and an evocative product description.

Like a gorgeous social media graphic and an engaging caption dripping with SEO keywords and trending hashtags. Like a beautifully-designed website stuffed with thought-provoking blogs and articles. Delicious!

Past projects

Hi, I’m Lisa. As a brand alchemist, I’ve been sprinkling magic into marketing with design and copywriting for over a decade.

If you’re anything like me, your business sets your soul on fire (most days!) and YOU are the fuel that keeps it alight. To feel right, your brand has to represent you, your vision and your goals. You want to feel seen, heard and understood by your audience.

Maybe you set your brand up in a hurry, or your business has grown and now feels like a good time to refocus and level up. You want to work with someone who gets you and what you’re about. Someone who can listen to your business stream of consciousness and sift through it to pick out the important bits. And – let’s be honest – someone who knows their stuff but isn’t too expensive.

With skills in brand strategy, visual identity creation, graphic design and copywriting, I filter out the noise to help you find your voice and represent yourself in a way that truly resonates – both to you and your clients. 

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